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Top 5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Keeps Restarting after Update

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Please see our Privacy Policy for more windows 10 keeps asking for restart after update free download. In case I purchase the software, do I get any software support? This mostly happens when your Windows system is not able to install the updates correctly, or the updates are partially installed. This simple tool quickly scans your Windows PC and then provides a report of all the corrupted, missing, and outdated drivers it finds. You should note that Посмотреть еще nowadays uses Component-Bases Servicing CBSwhich ensures a device can successfully boot up after being randomly shut down during the installation process.


Windows 10 Update keeps asking for restart. But Restart doesn\’t – Microsoft Community – Fix Windows Update Keeps Telling Me to Restart My Computer


The SFC scans work via command line. Problem Still Not Fixed? If none of those mentioned above methods works, it means there is some major issue with your system. To fix it, you need to re-install Windows. Hence, backup your data before proceeding to Windows 10 re-installation. In case you are unable to create a backup, use the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software that can help you restore data from a Windows system that fails to boot due to Windows installation boot loop.

However, the updates may sometime get stuck at installation or download, and fail to install or keep installing repeatedly. Such issues with Windows updates may cause data loss due to a sudden system restart. Therefore, change the windows updates policy — as discussed in the post — to avoid automatic system shutdown. We also discussed various methods that can help fix a Windows PC if it keeps installing the same updates repeatedly.

However, if these methods fail, use Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows to fully restore your deleted, lost, and inaccessible data. Satyeshu is a Windows blogger and data recovery expert.

He is having good technical knowledge and experience in Windows data recovery. He writes about latest technical tips, Windows issues and tutorials. Thank god I came across your blog. I have noted all your steps and methods and will try to sort it out. Thanks Author.. Even though I have updated my windows 10 but still I am facing the same issue as I have to face in the past. But, still I was unaware of how to fix the problem and then I have seen your blog and fixed the problem that I have been facing from the past.

Hello Jessica, I glad to know you resolved your problem with the help of this blog. Keep reading for more. This post is really helped me a lot. When I tried to install the latest version of Windows 10 it shows an error during installation but no I got the idea how to solve this error, so if anyone also faced the same situation then this post might be helpful for them.

Hello Thomas, I glad to know our blog helped you a lot to fix your problem. Keep reading new blogs for more information. Your email address will not be published.

A must-have tool to protect drives from complete failure and avert data loss. Recovers deleted files, photos, videos etc. Windows Data Recovery- Professional 5 minute read. Written By. Approved By. Remove Bad Registry. Solution 3. Fix Driver Issues. Solution 4. Boot Computer via Bootable Disk. Solution 5. Boot the computer from Safe Mode and go to search after Windows boot up. Type sysdm. Uncheck Automatically restart. Note: This method can stop Windows 10 from restarting.

However, it will not solve the problem from the source. If you go to update your computer, the update may fail again. Therefore, after trying this quick fix, you can follow the methods below to fix Windows 10 infinite loading issue. Attention: This action may be dangerous, modifying Registry improperly may result in serious issue, so you better create a full system image backup before hand.

To back up, go to \”File\” and click on \”Export…\” to make it. There are reports that Windows 10 conflicts with AMD graphics. If your computer is stuck in endless Windows 10 boot loop, that might be caused by the outdated driver issues.

Try to fix the graphics drivers. Step 1. Open the Control Panel , select the Performance and maintenance tab and choose System. Click on Device Manager and see if there is yellow exclamation point beside any of the listed hardware. Step 2. Right-click on the device that has a yellow exclamation point beside and click Properties. Under the General tab, click on Troubleshoot and follow the instructions to solve it.

Step 3. If Step 2 does not work, navigate again to the device and right-click on it. Click Properties and choose Update Driver. Reboot your computer and see if the yellow exclamation point disappears. When meet Windows 10 keeps restarting, you can try to boot and run your PC from the bootable disk.

You need to create a bootable disk with a healthy Windows 10 computer. If all the above methods cannot help you fix the Windows 10 update keeps restarting issue. Then you can try to refresh or reinstall our PC. Turn off your PC and then turn it on. Press and hold the Power button as soon as you see the rotating loading circle. Repeat this process a few times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair screen.

Choose Advanced options to continue. Or you may need to go to Advanced options to access the Refresh your PC option. Refresh your PC will keep the data, but it will remove the installed apps. Reset your PC will erase all of your files. After fixing the issue Windows 10 upgrade keeps restarting, you might need to consider taking some preventative measures to prevent this issue or similar issue like computer keeps restarting on startup happening again.

And the best prevention measure is to make an image backup. With an image backup, whenever you have Windows 10 infinite loading issue, or Windows 10 continuous reboot issue, or other system issues, you can always revert your system to the previous good state. It is an easy-to-use software that comes with many powerful features. It supports you to backup system, partition, disk, and files. With the backup created by AOMEI Backupper, you can easily restore to the previous state if something bad happens to your computer.

Even when you cannot boot your computer, you can also restore from bootable disk. Click Backup and select System Backup.


What to Do When Windows Update Keeps Failing on Windows 10


I\’ve tried to force my computer shut down several times. But when the computer won\’t allow me to log in but keep rebooting. I\’m now stuck with this issue on my computer, can you help me fix it? I cannot stop the computer from continuously restarting. This is crazy and can anyone of you help me to stop this process? Help me please. Don\’t worry about having Windows 10 reboot loop or computer keeps restarting after system update anymore.

Right now, you can find effective methods right here to fix Windows reboot loop, or computer keeps restarting error with ease now. Note: These methods may not solve your problem directly, but if you have some urgent issue with your computer, you may try this first. After trying the quick fixes, you can follow below two methods to fix Windows 10 reboot loop issue right now. When Windows 10 keeps restarting, you can directly get this issue solved right now with a Windows bootable disk.

You can create a bootable disk with a healthy computer with Windows 10 with the help of professional partition manager software – EaseUS Partition Master. Then you can be able to boot and run the computer from the bootable disk and fix errors that cause the Windows reboot loop on your computer. Right-click on the system C: drive and select \”Check File System\” to fix errors.

After this, try to reboot your computer to see if the Windows 10 reboot loop has been removed or not. Now that you can restart your computer smoothly without any further Windows 10 boot issue on your PC. Store Download Support Live Chat. Windows 10 Keeps Restarting or Continuously Reboots?

Fix It Now! If you haven\’t received it yet, you can manually download it from a variety of channels. Please boot your PC into the Safe Mode, backup important data and create a system image before taking action with below tips. Was This Page Helpful?

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