Microsoft word 2016 running slow free. Fix Microsoft Word Slow When Opening, Typing and Processing Files?

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Applicable for: Office subscriptions; Word, and Running on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Lately, i am noticing some slow down in my Microsoft Word software performance, this is visible mainly when starting продолжить чтение the software. My feeling is some additional packages i have installed are causing this. Any ideas from your side? There are runing in which a hardware upgrade might be needed, but there is a lot you can do in microsoft word 2016 running slow free software configuration side, before considering buying new hardware.

Microsoft Office software has the capability to host Add-In components. These small software programs extend the capabilities of the standard Office package to improve user productivity. In a way, you can think of those little programs as browser Add-ons, but just for Microsoft Office. The caveat is that sometimes, these Add-Ins slow Micosoft, specially at startup, as the programs are loaded when Word microsoft word 2016 running slow free started causing a noticeable delay.

Similar to the previous tip, however, instead of un-checking the COM Add-Ins entries to disable proceed as following:.

Therefore, If possible, ensure that the documents you are working are stored in your local drive. Once done, sync your changes into the network location or save a new version of your document so you can share with others contributors or reviewers.

Note: If possible, also ensure that the local drive storing your documents is uncompressed. By default, Word checks your spelling and automatically correct any mistakes found in your text. Microsoft word 2016 running slow free useful feature, but has a performance penalty. Screen Tips help you receive additional information and guidance when you hover on hyperlinks, comments alow so forth.

This is useful, but might impact Word performance. Couple of readers contacted me reporting slow performance issues when working with large files which included pictures, which caused Word to get stuck. One of the solutions would be to upgrade your computer RAM memory to 8GB, specially if you run multiple microsodt in parallel or do microsoft word 2016 running slow free intensive work on image and video editing software.

Hopefully, these steps should make Word much faster. I disabled it and now Word starts almost instantly. It was taking seconds to load. I know that repaination is a big problem. Is there any way to speed up this process? You must be logged in to post a comment. Last updated: October Applicable for: Office subscriptions; Word, and Why Microsoft Word is slow? Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


Microsoft word 2016 running slow free


Microsoft Word is one of the popular text processing applications available. Though there are на этой странице alternate apps, Word is an ultimate document app due to universal use. However, slow performance of Microsoft Word is quite common on many computers due to various reasons. This may result in reduced productivity for business professionals and normal computer users.

In this article let us explain how to fix slow Word when opening, typing and saving documents to speedup productivity.

Related: How to fix slow Microsoft Excel and speedup your microsoft word 2016 running slow free. Microsoft Word uses template files to create documents. This essentially means, the template file is always in when Word is in use. Word also stores all style related settings, such as font size and font type in this template. An effective solution is to delete the Nomal.

However, it is a bit tricky task, since Normal. Therefore, you need to first enable the option in Windows to show hidden files. Then save all your open documents and close Microsoft Word. The file location may be different depending upon your Windows version. Generally you can find the Normal. Type the following location and press enter key.

After locating the template file in your PC or Mac, simply delete it. Now, open Microsoft Word to create a new Normal.

Check whether this helps to solve the slow processing issues in Microsoft Word. Related: How to quickly insert dividers in Microsoft Word? In some cases, when you type on a Word document, it will lag for few seconds or longer from the moment you press the key. This will badly affect your productivity by causing delay and diverting your concentration when doing important work. Newer Office versions use hardware graphics acceleration to speed up the performance. However, slow computers often have limited hardware resources, which make Word less responsive.

Follow these steps to disable hardware acceleration in Word:. If Microsoft Word still performs slowly, it may microsoft word 2016 running slow free a good idea to perform changes in the registry. Note that modifying registry is not recommended and you may not have access in the administered computers. If you have access to registry editor then backup your data and follow the below steps:.

Related: Fix slow Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. If Microsoft Word seems to react poorly to any command for processing a task, you may microsoft word 2016 running slow free to look for updating to the latest service pack. The latest service pack may provide you with bug fixes and performance optimization. Microsoft releases service pack regularly, generally they are installed automatically if you have auto update enabled.

Otherwise you need to check and update them manually. Often, by installing a new service pack, you can regain lost performance. Note that Apple stopped supporting bit applications from macOS Catalina. Hence the bit Mac Word or apps will no more work on your Mac. Ensure to purchase Office subscription to work microsoft word 2016 running slow free bit compatible Office apps on your Mac. Also ensure your Windows OS is getting automatic security updates to make sure that rest of the system is working properly.

Microsoft updates Windows 10 automaticallyhowever follow the below steps to check the status and manually update:. Related: How to change embedded document name in Word? You may remedy it easily by reinstalling Office package. Follow these steps to uninstall and re-install Office in Windows Generally, Word will delete them automatically when you save and close your document. For example, if you zip the content when the document is open then the compressed folder will include the temporary file in addition to the original file.

Follow these steps to cleanup the temporary files :. Often, less optimized document files cause slow performance. Check whether your document has plenty of embedded macros and remove any of them if possible. Many people also put high quality pictures with large resolution inside documents. You need to optimize the pictures by changing the dimension that matches the size of the page.

You may also use Adobe Photoshop or Snagit to save these images in optimized format to reduce the file sizes without sacrificing the quality too much. One of the reasons for slow Word app is the corrupted documents. This will help you to speedup the document as Word will disable extensions and other unnecessary stuffs in safe mode.

Sometimes, Word will also suggest to open a document in safe mode. Related: Microsoft word 2016 running slow free slow Microsoft Outlook emails.

Some times people share the locked file in chat, emails or SharePoint. You may notice, slow response microsoft word 2016 running slow free in Word when you open and read locked documents. Otherwise, you can request the owner to share the file without edit lock. If you use add-ins to enhance the functionalities then ensure to disable them when you have problem with Word.

Check whether this helps to resolve your problems. You can enable the add-ins back any time when needed. So when you experience slow response, typing delay or any other problem, it is a good idea to check all the above steps. This will ensure to fix the problems and focus on creating documents with improved productivity. Editorial Staff at WebNots are team members who love to build websites, find tech hacks and share the learning with community.

Connect with us in Facebook and Twitter. Windows 10 was having a news and interest feed sketchup pro 2018 cost uk free We all use Microsoft Word for creating personal and office[ Option 2 worked for me also. The tech tips are clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Surprisingly, 2 worked microsoft word 2016 running slow free perfectly. Apparently there is an incompatibility. Heading off now to see if there is a new driver for the card that may fix it. Thank you! My BF has spent the last 4 days trying to find a solution. I googled it and found your post. Within 5 min it was fixed. What do they say about men not wanting to ask for directions? The solution was within reach of microsoft word 2016 running slow free 3 guys had they just taken to look for directions in Google.

Thank you again for making me look like a genius. Great summary. Windows Office — the whole office word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint were running slow, lagging and responding slow, Uninstalled 32bit office and installed 64bit office. Running great now! I was confused as to why Word was slow when I tried to open it, it признать, microsoft office professional plus 2019 release date free сообщение take mins while PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher opened in just secs.

I just deleted the Normal. My Microsoft word 2016 running slow free word is working slowly in my newly purchased dell laptop. It has affected my productivity of work.

Request you to help me to this issue. Ashish — did you try deleting normal. If it is a new laptop that comes with a free Office package, get in touch with your dealer. It should have a warranty period to cover up the cost. Deleting the normal. Disabling the hardware acceleration seemed to help quite a bit although I have a powerful system. I then went to delete the temp files.

One of them deleted nearly all of my documents it did seem like a lot. Fortunately I just sent them to the recycle bin so I could restore. I had this issue in word This is graphic card issue not the MS word Thank you thank you thank you! Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for microsoft word 2016 running slow free information.

It literally just saved so much of my time!


Microsoft word 2016 running slow free

Word is suddenly unbearably slow. I am editing 3 policy documents with a total of about pages — no graphics — which were due to. Microsoft Word for Mac Runs Slow · Remove Duplicates, Logs and Other Junk Files · Periodically Reboot your MacBook · Check out Background Activities · Brush Up. And if you feel Microsoft Word is too slow to remove, you can also use PowerMyMac\’s.


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