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Lumia 535 windows 10 firmware

New Firmware for Lumia says WPRT??? I connected my phone and launched Windows Phone Recovery Tool and it says new software available. This guide will show you how to update your Lumia to the latest software version. Updates give you access to new improvements and fixes bugs on your phone.


Lumia 535 windows 10 firmware


As promised a few days ago, Microsoft is now rolling out a new update for the Lumia , at least in select markets.

This download is supposed to fix a persistent touchscreen sensitivity issue that has been reported by many owners of the smartphone since it was released in the second half of This download is both an Windows Phone 8.

Here are the version numbers to look for:. Currently, only certain regions are getting the update, like India, Taiwan, and the UK. Other countries are likely to get the update in the coming days, and you can check your device\’s status by visiting Microsoft\’s Lumia Update page opens in new tab. We should also caution that this is not Windows Phone 8. Instead, this is still part of the Update 1 and Denim series even some Lumia s are getting build now.

Hopefully, this will solve the problems that some owners of the smartphone have encountered with tracking input from their fingers. If you own a Lumia and have downloaded and installed the update, please let us know if it has indeed fixed the touchscreen issues in the comments. You can also visit our Lumia support forums for more information. Windows Central Windows Central. John Callaham. More about nokia. Topics Microsoft Lumia See all comments When is the gdr2 update going to be released to developers?

Didn\’t know that comments had to be \”on topic\”. It is part of the site rules that you agreed to when joining. It says on the top of comments, doesn\’t it? But yeah sure, on topic comments are good. Regardless, you should be reading the small print for anything you join. Not good. Otherwise the comment section becomes a wasteland of useless remarks. Didn\’t know it had to be on topic? While I appreciate the comment, not everyone follows the many articles published every day.

So I think it\’s normal to ask : Otherwise he\’d have to wait for the article to be published to ask about the update? Good news Daniel Rubino! CaptainGlac1er – Maybe the forums is a better place to ask this question? Thank you Daniel! Can someone explain to why some peoples first comments have nothing to do with the article??? The update for the fixes the camera shaking problems.

You are the boss, but this is still a public forum You cannot do a bigger mistake than trying to be wise with the general public. Got it this evening, I didn\’t have much of a problem with the screen before, having only owned for a week, but this does \’feel\’ a bit better moving around and typing. Glad to see Microsoft are willing to address these issues for us though. Lumia on the other hand, has big touch issues like sometimes not able to press backspace or tapping instead of scrolling..

I hope it is something that can be fixed via software. However, judging by the owner reports I have seen so far, I can\’t help thinking that it is an actual hardware issue. Regardless of whether the problem is fixed or not, Microsoft should NEVER have released a phone with such fundamental issues. This update has been out for a few days for some users and on Lumia servers and the consensus is that things are better with the update.

I think any more, and people are just not liking a lower quality display. I\’m glad the consensus is positive. These things have been selling like hot cakes in the UK Anyway – glad to hear things have improved!

Assuming they do, the range could be the new ! I bought a brand new Lumia just 3 days ago and recieved this new update yesterday evening, but sadly the touch sensitivity issue still persists.. Moreover, the phone\’s touch randomly sensitized when connected to a charger! If MS can\’t fix this, they should probably just do a recall and swap them out for better devices. Better to take a financial hit early on than have something dragging on for months that ends up with lots of disillusioned customers.

Recall may be the option left if this doesn\’t rectify it doubt it will for some – as screen must be ridiculously cheap , as this experience could put some people off Microsoft\’s phones entirely, as people generally remember negative experiences when comes to products as opposed to positive experiences. Well that\’s what they should have done with a lot of Lumia \’s but we had to just put up with it.

I sataaaaa truly hope this happens, i am a huge fan of the platform and as suuch went in to lpkfpurchase a It is not usable almost. Im leaving the typos in this message as is to jddkrrrrr r show you the issu see issue that we are having.

Those random letters are stuff the phone just decided to type. It hafpppencs happens all the time. Ive completely stopped typing on my and only use voice notes on whatsapp or actually phone people as typing is just an impossible task.

And dont even get me started on swype. Thats a huuuuygggecvcc huge mess. It would recognice your finger and then it wont and so, its a mess, take a look: The weigh in but we ugh fig jg junkie gg over they laugh dog. That was supposed to be the quick brown fox jumps over the laaasccvx lazy dog.

MSFT should seriously fix this, and there current speed is not acceptable!! Im sorry, it just is nndkjccv not. Ive got the perfect game to test the update out on, make it rain. If i can swipe in a nice continuous stream finally ill call it all sorted! Just use \’hardware tests\’ in the store. It has a multi-touch test. On a , the screen registers all 10 digits.

On a , it would never register more than 5 without going crazy! I tried on a demo phone at a mall and it goes crazy just with a pinch to zoom in! Boss avatar. Did it fix the touch issue? Just a little. When i have my hands sweaty the touch is going crazy , and the multitouch isn\’t working when the fingers are close etc. I am still waiting..

I got it but it\’s a hardware issue, as simple as that. Idk when Microsoft will accept that. Or there is something wrong in the design of the phone or the components.

He is after a skype voucher lol. I didn\’t have the issue on my Got a replacement after I dropped it and the replacement has this issue every now and then. Microsoft seem uninterested in fixing it. Bring it to Nokia Care. Mine was fixed, 3months though. They did not honour the warranty.

It is down to screen flexing and how a person handles the device on a day to day basis, as some have reported they don\’t have any touch issues. Otherwise the media wouldn\’t have let this slide. No its not. I have this issue since day 1. Sometimes it is gone for days and comes back. With a hard case. Without a case. With screen protector and without.

Nothing makes a difference. Everyone I know with a black l has this issue of ghost taps. Mine still have it since day one. Does tightening the torx screws on the motherboard help? Anyone can confirm?

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