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Not only can you perform the usual mixing tasks, it also has full editing capabilities for the Step Sequencer and DJ-style FX performance tools. I didn\’t do a thing except press \”bounce\”. Not unlike something found in vintage drum machines and hardware sequencers, we can now program our software instruments in the new Logic Pro X Information Seller Apple Inc. But, if you can get past all of that, than Logic is the way to go.

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Jay Asher on Oct 01, in Logic Pro 1 comments. Long time Logic Pro users know the following statement to be sometimes true: Apple giveth and Apple taketh away So when Logic Pro X landed, I was excited to see how much we were given and nervous about what might have been taken away. When you first open Logic Pro X after installation, it asks you if you are upgrading from a previous Logic Pro install.

See Pic 1. If you answer yes, it turns on all the Advanced Tools that Logic users are used to, as you see in Pic 2. At that point, I breathed a sigh of relief. Logic Pro X also asks if you want to use the new default key commands or keep your Logic Pro 9 key commands. I used to greatly customize my key commands, but since I spend so much time teaching Logic Pro and helping other composers with it, I have learned to do this as little as possible so I do not look like a fool hitting the wrong key commands.

So I decided to use the new set. There were rumors that Logic Pro X would not have an Environment. I pressed Command-8 to open it and crap! Clearly that is a renamed version of Logic Pro 9\’s Audio Bin. See Pic 3. OK, lesson learned. Things have been renamed, key commands have been changed, etc.

So has anything actually been lost? Look again at Pic 4. You see a Link button there? No, you do not. Does it matter? Maybe yes, maybe no. If like me, you like that with the Track List linked to the Environment, choosing a track in the Track List also selects it in the Environment window, you may miss this.

See the behavior in Logic Pro 9 in Pic 5. Well, I can live with that though. I now start to checkout all the MIDI editors. Score Editor? Event List? Piano Roll editor? Uh-oh, another case of The Missing Link. See Pic 6. Why does this matter? I am about to play my kick drum part, but I want to view my bass part in the Piano Roll editor. No link means no ability to do this. Fortunately, you still can do this with the Score editor.

Here is one I stumbled on. Dragging from right to left in the bar Ruler in Logic Pro 9 creates a Skip Cycle allowing the Playhead to skip over the locator selection. See Pic 7. Doing the same in Logic Pro X draws in a regular cycle just as dragging left to right does. Oh man, no more Skip Cycle? I use this all the time! Option-K still opens the key commands. Now I am nervous. The answer is in the manual. Drawing a cycle and Control-clicking on it in the bar ruler brings up the option to Swap Left and Right Locator, which gives you what was formerly called a Skip Cycle.

And here\’s a little trick: hold down Command while dragging in the bar ruler. Instant Skip Cycle! Anyway, there are a fair number of these that sorting through probably shortened my potential lifespan. In previous version, there were two versions of the US key commands, one for extended Apple keyboards, one for laptop and non-extended. The bottom line is that Apple has given us a lot more than it has taken away with Logic Pro X and some of what appears to be taken away has in fact not been taken away, but renamed or key commands reassigned.

As always, the manual and Google are your friends. More articles by this author. Jay is a Los Angeles-based composer, songwriter, arranger and orchestrator, conductor, keyboardist, as well as vocalist. As a composer, he is best known for scoring the New World Television series Zorro. Create an account or login to get started! Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. Log In Create Account.

A NonLinear Educating Company. Transitioning from one version of your favorite music software to the next is never easy. What\’s been removed is a common fear for many. Jay Asher turns that trepidation into joy for LP9 users. Jay Asher More articles by this author. Related Videos. The Future of Podcasting is Spatial. Discussion BenB. And one I just discovered, no more OMF export! Folks need to get with it. Great article, too!

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Holy Bible Tamil Audio. Audio Moog. Free Audio Extractor 3gp. Mpeg Layer 3 Audio File Itunes. If you\’re familiar with Cubase\’s Audio Warp feature, or Elastic Audio in Pro Tools, this is essentially Apple\’s take on such methods of non-destructive, tempo-oriented audio manipulation. In , Apple unveiled the latest iteration of its professional recording software, Logic Pro X.

The ability to compose and mix for me is very nice, everything is clearly reflected. Report interesting quality to the date of purchase and yet there is not so long even better less than euros for download on apple store.

Logic 9 vs Pro Tools 9 : Ask. No hardware key is needed, just an authorization code that can be found in the getting started manual and on the install DVD. Logic will work with just about any audio interface. Low latency mode can remove latency induced by plug-ins during recording. Maximum project length greater than 6 hours at 96kHz; 13 hours at Trim tool for advanced timeline trimming functions. I\’m talking top of the line best quality plugins, i would like to pay for it but of course free plugins are always appreciated.

Question: Q: Why does Logic 10 sound different to Logic That being said, I am working on modifying my samples to sound better in Logic X. I can still get good results, but this software definitely sounds different, and maybe not quite as good as Logic 9.

The Apogee Duet is the best one out there in that price range in terms of audio quality but doesn\’t have midi in and out ports, which you\’ll need if you\’re using a keyboard. By importing a Bounce into our Logic Project and inverting the phase, the mix should cancel out.


Logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free.Logic 9 Audio Quality


Remember Me? The No. Today\’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Audio output quality difference between ProTools 8 and Logic Pro 9. Hello, I\’m hoping that somebody can shed some light on why my audio output quality from Logic Pro 9 is quieter and noticeably distorting as compared to the output of ProTools 8 even though both of the app\’s faders are set to unity, both apps are using the same audio files and both apps are using the same audio interface not at the same time.

I\’m running OS X I know that\’s a lot of tracks for an acoustic guitar but I was doing a little mic shootout. When I play back the four tracks with the faders set to unity in ProTools the sound is present, hi rez and clear.

I then created a new session in Logic Pro 9 and dragged in those very same four tracks which I had previously recorded in ProTools.

I left Logic\’s faders at unity and not only is the output a little quieter but it noticeably smaller sounding and distorting. I\’m using the same audio files and the same DIGI interface but the output from ProTools is loud and clear whereas the output from Logic is quieter an distorting a bit.

I see that the \”Stereo Out\” fader is clipping to the tune of 6. Both sessions are 24bit 48KHz with the clock set to Internal. What\’s going on here? I\’m mystified.

Are the individual track meters in Logic clipping — or only the output meters? I know you know about the Fletcher-Munson curves Generally, if you\’re comparing these two signals in your control room and one is lower SPL , you\’re definitely likely to perceive in the lower level signal a \’smaller\’ sound that is not only quieter but which appears to have less bass and treble.

Different math with regards to summing and pan laws. When recording a track in a DAW you might not notice a difference between various software as long as they are all setup the same, but when mixing and summing internally there is a difference.

With regard to comparison listening, always make sure what you\’re comparing has the same actual SPL level in the control room, if you can. Even a dB or two of difference in actual in the room level can make a noticeable difference in how things sound with regard to tonal balance to our highly non-linear auditory systems. Which is why so many folks use an SPL meter to set their monitor level so they can have something approaching an even playing field when comparing different signals.

Let us know what happens when you get the pan laws set up properly. Also turn off universal track mode in Logic under the audio settings page! Looks like LE — since he\’s using it with an Thank you for your input guys—It\’s much appreciated. Ok I just ordered a Sound-Level Meter, so it\’s on its way.

It does appear to be a summing issue, because when I solo one track and compare the amplitude and sound quality with the same soloed track in ProTools, they do sound the same. Reason: typo. It\’s not that one is better or worse; just different. That\’s why many DAWs have several pan law options. That said, folks argue all the time about the mix engines of different platforms and I\’m just gonna stay the heck out of that one. Having \’standard\’ monitoring levels in terms of real sound level in the room is a big help in sorting out many of these issues.

Some folks will establish several levels that they tend to work at. For instance, it can be helpful to occasionally turn the mix way down to get a feel for what\’s going on in the midrange [since the treble and bass will be less apparent at lower level] This is an interesting topic. Is there a specific pan-law that PT and Logic are set to when first installed? I\’d think if so, and they\’re different, the first step in clearly hearing the possible differences would be setting the same pan-law and then going from there.

I need to read up on pan-laws. I know far too little and it sounds like a subject that can have pretty big influences on mixing. My Studio. I must ask How did you successfully set up your digi rack with Logic Pro? I have not had satisfactory results. It would be great to get your coaching. Now that is interesting that Logic would sum differently than PT My brother uses Logic with an M-Box, and he\’s never complained about any issues like that, also, he prefers Logic to Pro Tools – 8 I think he is using.

See, the first thing I noticed in this thread is that he said, well, let\’s see what he said: he is running I\’m running OS X Other than that, the system is exactly like my brothers. If the M-Box has different audio specs than the , that might affect it somewhat, but negligently. Any place to look up the specs of the Xeon chip vs the 8-core core CPU my brother has? Mytek converter v. Ok, I just heard from my brother, and he does have a Xeon in there, so I\’m wrong.

I asked him if he is having any of the same symptoms described here, if he says yes, then it is a common problem. In the song settings pref, goto audio and change the pan law from the pre-set -3db to 0db and they should be the same. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Code by Port Forward. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Connect with Facebook. Digi rack Hate Thread prologicmusic.

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