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In your case they will be different. Character limit: You can reinstall the Sound Library. August 30, Generally speaking, the one of concern is the first. You can view available content and select content to download in the Sound Library Manager.


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Joe Albano on Nov 13, in Logic Pro 2 comments. The process of installing these assets is easy enough, but there still may be some manual effort required.

Additionally, many users prefer to move these samples from their default installed locations, which can be a bit more complicated. And of course, when things are moved around, or when system updates are made or new hard disks added, things can move around enough for the samples to go missing, which may also require some user intervention to restore proper operation.

This article will take a brief look at sample management in Logic Pro X. Here you should find any user presets Plug-In Settings. All of the factory content can be installed easily from within Logic.

This can lead to dramatic slowdowns, making the entire computer feel sluggish to operate, and potentially impacting track counts and processing capability in Logic. Additionally, DAWs stream both audio tracks and sample content from the disk s those files are stored on.

The ideal DAW setup would have a physically separate disk not a partition for all audio files track recordings , and another physically separate disk for all streaming sample content. The solution is to move at least some or all of the factory content, and possibly all user content, to a separate, dedicated sample library hard disk. First off, the only content that really needs to be moved is the audio samples themselves. There are two ways to move audio sample content—with Aliases or with Symbolic Links.

Aliases are pointers, created in the Finder. If you create an Alias of a folder, it will point to that folder wherever it is on any hard disk. Then create an Alias Command-L of that folder in the new location. Then you can delete the original version of that content in the original default installed location and move the Alias to that spot, taking its place. Now when you load an instrument that uses some of those samples, and Logic goes looking for them in the default location, it should simply follow the Alias to the new location An Alias points to selected items moved to a dedicated external sample library hard disk.

This has always worked perfectly for me, although some people seem to have problems occasionally. These perform the same way Aliases do, but they work differently under the hood, and should survive incremental updates to the sample library, at least in theory the installer should follow the Link to the relocated folder when adding new content.

There are a couple of downsides to using Symbolic Links over Aliases. More articles by this author. Joe is a musician, engineer, and producer in NYC. He\’s also taught all aspects of recording and music technology at several NY audio schools, and has been writing articles for Recording magaz Read More.

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The Sound Library Manager. Logic samples library hard drive. Joe Albano More articles by this author. Related Videos.

Apple Unleashes Logic Pro X Discussion William Michaels. Great and clear artlicle, thank you. One recent, annoying thing I\’ve experienced. Based on yours and some other source-readling, I decided to refine the location of my EXS sample content. Actually, everything is fine: everything loads perfectly. However, I\’ve been experiencing an irritating pop-up, which says: \” The link to the sound library location has been modified.

That\’s the external drive the EXS samples are located on. I then click \”Link\”, instead of Keep. Fine, but this alert randomly reappears. I thought clicking \”Link\” was a permanent fix, as clearly implied in the alert text. Every time I launch Logic is does it, too.

Any suggestions on how to stop this will be most appreciated. How did you move the library — did you do it manually by creating a Symbolic Link to the new location yourself, or did you use Logic\’s new option to relocate the library? Either way, it sounds like Logic is having a problem resolving the link, and since it seems to be aware of it I guess I\’d assume that you had Logic create the link.. I\’ve not experienced this myself to be honest when I did relocate some components of the factory library I did it with old-fashioned aliases, and it worked fine, as long as I didn\’t try to update the library , though I have heard reports of people having various issues with the relocated library.

Unfortunately I\’m not aware of any guaranteed solutions — some people who were having issues though I\’m not sure if any were the same issue as yours have claimed to successfully resolve them by moving the library back to the default location startup disc and then running the Logic relocate feature again — I don\’t know if that worked permanently for them, but it might be worth a try if the alert becomes too troublesome.. Want to join the discussion? Featured Articles. Related Articles.

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