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It does not hold back either and if you are put off by homosexual love scenes or love and sex scenes in general. This may not be the game for you. I will say that there is a version of the game for the PlayStation Vita that has a lower age rating and has the sex scenes removed along with the violence and blood toned down. The main character of this visual novel game is Aoba.

Aoba is your typical guy who just wants to get by. His world is made more complicated by the fact that the island he calls home has been bought by a corporation who have privatized the island. As a result, the residents like Aoba are forced to live in extremely cramped conditions. Aoba is pretty easy going, but he gets drawn into this extreme game called Rhyme. People in his town start going missing and when they return they are very strange. Aoba gets pulled into this mystery that lets him not just find out about what is really going on, but also meet interesting people.

The storytelling in Dramatical Murder is fantastic and I found Aoba to be a very interesting character. It is not just a case of finding out what the deal is with this game Rhyme and what is happening to people. It is also a case of finding out about Aoba himself. Like all other visual novel games, Dramatical Murder features a compelling cast of characters. These people that Aoba comes across he can either help or destroy!

The choices that you make will steer you in a particular direction and will end up with you pairing up with a particular guy. I think that this adds a lot of replay value to the game and it is interesting to see how the story changes depending on what you do. For example, the first time I played the game I went with Noiz and the setting of the game was drastically different from the next time I played through it and chose Mink. As I mentioned this is certainly a game that is not safe for work and it has a mature rating for a reason.

However, while there is the base, Dramatical Murder game out there, you want to get the Dramatical Murder re:connect version. This has all the base content, however, it also has extra story content along with a fantastic back story for Aoba.

The version that is out there for the PlayStation Vita is called, Dramatical Murder re:code gives you all the story, but none of the sex and the blood is greatly toned down. I was not sure what to expect from Dramatical Murder. However, this is a fantastic story and one that I really enjoyed. The writing is fantastic and I was genuinely excited to find out what was going to happen next. As far as visual novel games go, Dramatical Murder is one of the better ones I have played. Dramatical Murder is a visual novel style game and it is one of those games that people either love and think is clever.

Or they hate it and think that it is lame. I do feel that for visual novel fans, Dramatical Murder is well worth taking a closer look at as it is a little different from the norm. What makes Dramatical Murder stand out from other romance visual novel games is that you are not a boy trying to score with lots of girls.

Nor are you a girl looking to Mr. Instead, this is a game that is about guys hooking up with guys and that is an interesting take for a game like this.

Let me say that there are some sex scenes in the game so it is most certainly NSFW. However, they did make a version of this game for the PlayStation Vita which is much more toned down with no sex scenes and the violence changed as well. As is the case with all visual novel style games, the story is the main focus here. Situated to the south of Japan, this beautiful island was once a place where people lived in harmony with nature. While his peers join gangs and fight for dominance of the streets or immerse themselves in the virtual reality game Rhyme, Aoba works part-time at a junk shop and hopes only that his peaceful life will last.

But strange things are happening on Midorijima, and Aoba will soon have to fight… or lose everything that he holds dear. Click the download button below to start Dramatical Murder Free Download with direct link.

It is the full version of the game. Don\’t forget to run the game as administrator. Dramatical Murder Size: 4. You need these programs for the game to run. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files. If you need additional help, click here. Dramatical Murder Free Download.


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Dramatical Murder is an exciting and thought-provoking visual novel style game. With a great story and slick visuals, it is easy to see why many people love. Dramatical Murder (ドラマティカル マーダー Doramatikaru Mādā, stylized as DRAMAtical Murder) is a Japanese BL visual novel developed and published by. Dramatical Murder is a Japanese BL visual novel developed and published by Nitro+chiral. It was originally released on March 23, for Windows PCs as a first press edition, with a regular edition released on April 27,


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Central da Comunidade. This leads him on a journey where he finds that people in this place he lives are http://replace.me/11510.txt missing. Dramatical Murder has some great characters that you will encounter as you progress through the game. Set on an island ruled by a powerful megacorporation, DRAMAtical Murder смотрите подробнее a vivid picture of a world where the boundaries between the virtual and the real are breaking down. Related By Tags Games: Rust. Clear enjoys singing, and can often be heard singing a song called dramatical murder pc game \”Jellyfish Dramatical murder pc game.


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Dramatical Murder ; Manga ; BL game, Visual novel · PC · Windows: JP: March 23, NA: April 6, Manga. DRAMAtical Murder Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. DRAMAtical Murder is a Visual Novel. Dramatical Murder (ドラマティカル マーダー Doramatikaru Mādā, stylized as DRAMAtical Murder) is a Japanese BL visual novel developed and published by.

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